SWANTECH offers opportunities for specialist engineering professionals a choice of Portfolio Career.

What is Portfolio Career?

This sits between a job and self-employment. It involves a collection of mini / micro jobs or working on a combination of projects during each week.

Working in this way not only offers increased flexibility and autonomy for portfolio career professionals, but also provides an alternative strategy for dealing with the job insecurity in standard employee roles. Working this way, an individual need not rely on a single channel of revenue. Instead, one has multiple sources of income from multiple sources of projects/clients.

Shifting to a portfolio career can provide much more freedom and enjoyment of working on a variety of project. One can choose to work where he may get intellectual stimulation. One can choose to work on things where he can add value.

This option offer an extraordinary opportunity, especially for women in terms of working-hours flexibility to help manage kids and family responsibilities.

What is in for the Employers?

Employers implement various schemes to retain and make their employees happy and engaged, such as performance reviews, career advancement programs etc. However, these structures can get too rigid or mundane for the creative workforce.

The main benefit for employers is to attract highly talented people who do not fit into the traditional “Employee” box. By sourcing best talents, employers can offer their clients a great wealth of knowledge from Portfolio Career Professionals.

Skills needed for portfolio careers

  • Excellent communication skills – oral and written
  • High level of self-motivation
  • Critical thinking, out of box solutions
  • Interest in life-long learning